Disability Awareness Training: From Staff to Management

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Alicia T. Bryan, Jeanine Fittipaldi-Wert
49 minutes
Disability Awareness Training: From Staff to Management argues that everyone, including
individuals who have a disability, should be able to participate in wellness programs to the
extent that their particular impairment will allow. The DVD points out two of the major
obstacles to that set of circumstances occurring and discusses how to overcome both
barriers. With regard to disabled individuals, the DVD also emphasizes the fact that health/
fitness professionals who conduct wellness programs should always see the individual first
and focus on the person and their ability, rather than on their disability. In addition, the DVD
details several exercise-specific factors that should be considered when working with
disabled individuals.

Among the topics covered:

• We have made our facilities accessible, so what is the problem?
• The communication gap
• See the individual first
• Exercise is for everybody
• The equipment
• Other exercise considerations
• We believe you are ready for the application