Ben Appelbaum Medical Issues Forum

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Gary Kimball, Linda Erceg, Chris Thurber, Edward Walton
79 minutes
Ben Appelbaum Medical Issues Forum features four well-known and well-respected nationalcamping experts who offer their ideas and insights on a number of key health- and medically relatedconcerns. The DVD discusses a variety of medical, nursing, psychological, and behavioralissues facing camp directors. The DVD is an invaluable resource that is designed to help ensurethat camp professionals provide adequate health care to campers.

Among the topics covered:

• What are the new CPR guidelines?
• What is on the mind of a camp nurse?
• Why is the issue of sleep among staff and campers not brought up?
• How do I resolve prepackage online prescription issues?
• What do I do about a newly hired school nurse not adjusting to our procedures?
• Does ACA have any guidelines about what to do with campers and staff who did not get their immunization shots?
• How does technology affect camp?
• How do I properly stock my health center at camp?