AOSSM Exchange Lecture: H&P to MRI-Shoulder

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Anthony A. Romeo
46 minutes
AOSSM Exchange Lecture: H&P to MRI-Shoulder is a resource that is designed to present
primary care sports medicine physicians with a perspective on correlating office findings
with MRI findings regarding shoulder problems. The DVD points out the need to coordinate
the information obtained from a patient's history and physical examination with the
results of relevant radiographic studies to provide physicians with ideas and insights of
what to look for concerning what they need to incorporate into their thought processes
when managing a specific patient. The DVD also gives an update on exam approaches for
common sports injuries involving the shoulder, as well as when imaging should be ordered.

• MRI basics
• My shoulder hurts whenever I try to throw/swim/work out/sleep
• Nonoperative vs. operative RX?
• My shoulder slips out
• My shoulder slips out (Part 2)
• My shoulder hurts when I throw, and sometimes feels like it goes dead at the end of my throw
• Where are we in 2013?