ACE's Guide to Resistance Training for Older Adults (Revised Edition)

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Cedric X. Bryant
58 minutes
Exercise scientists and gerontologists advocate the importance of muscular fitness for older individuals. Impaired muscular functioning has been linked to many medical conditions and chronic ailments found in older adults. ACE's Guide to Resistance Training for Older Adults (revised edition) presents an overview of essential information that fitness professionals need to provide older adults with effective resistance-training programming, from the importance of strength training to the special considerations that should be taken into account when designing safe strength-training programs for older adults.

Among the topics covered:
  • The rationale for having older adults engage in strength-training programs
  • Special considerations when designing strength-training programs for older adults
  • Identifying the health/medical benefits of strength training for older adults
  • Guidelines for developing safe and effective strength-training programs
Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.