101 Hoops Games for Kids

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Joe Dinoffer
115 pages
The 101 hoop games and exercises in this book are intended to be a creative introduction to the broad use of the single most versatile play device in the world next to the bouncing ball. With the passage of time, we have also learned that the attention span of our children is getting shorter and shorter. We also know that more children are overweight than ever before. What can we learn from all of this? That working with children in sports and physical recreational activities is critical. And, most importantly, that for the children to maintain high focus and interest, they must have activities that are both fun and exciting. The unique and creative games in this book are designed to meet those exact needs. Inside each section you'll find skill-builders for individual children as well as games for groups. Most of the activities can easily be adjusted to a variety of ages and skill levels simply by using a little imagination. They can provide virtually unlimited hours of skill-building exercises for children while they have fun. You will also quickly see that many of the exercises and games have many similarities to the skills needed for many regular physical activities and popular sports.