101 Fitness Tips for Golf

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Ted Vickey
115 pages
 While you may not have to be in the best cardiovascular shape to play golf, your muscles, particularly those of the legs and upper torso, must be both strong and flexible to keep your handicap below an embarrassing level. 101 Fitness Tips for Golf won't turn you into a professional golfer, but it will help you play better golf through better fitness. The benefits you will see in your golf game by getting more in shape are endless. They include, but are not limited to, the following: you will hit the ball further, you will hit the ball straighter, you will feel better before, during, and after your round, your body will physically recover faster after a round of golf-thus enabling you to play more golf, and you will have less pain and injury. Vickey's tips are separated into four different chapters pertaining to where on the body the exercises are focused, including chest and back exercises, core exercises, lower-body exercises, and shoulder and arm exercises.